Prayer for Animals

God Our Heavenly Father, You created the world to serve humanity's needs and to lead them to You.  By our own fault we have lost the beautiful relationship which we once had with all your creation.  Help us to see that by restoring our relationship with You we will also restore it with all Your creation.  Give us the grace to see all animals as gifts from You and to treat them with respect for they are Your creation.  We pray for all animals who are suffering as a result of our neglect.  May the order You originally established be once again restored to the whole world through the intercession of the Glorious  Virgin Mary, the prayers of St. Francis and the merits of Your Son, Our Lord Jesus Christ, who lives and reigns with You  now and forever.  Amen.

Saint Francis of Assisi

LoveAble Ferals needs your help,

We are a non-profit 501c3 formed to rescue feral cat colonies.   We are looking for volunteers to help raise funds to help feed them, get medical attention and help them with spay/neuter.  Also to help find them loving homes.


Our Mission:

LoveAble Ferala is to help provide funding for critically needed professional veterinary care for feral cat colonies to help colony caretakers to manage feral cat colonies by spay/neuter and release programs to help reduce outdoor cat populations.  We assist feral, stray, and homeless cats and dogs through hands on rescue.  Advocating No Kill for the humane treatment and care for all cats and dogs, by educating the community and veterinarians where Every cat and dog is valued and protected to save their lives.

 Sadly, Far TOO Many People have turned a blind eye in thier own counties, just because the problem isn't in your backyard, doesn't excuse you.  If we are to fix the problem of the millions of homeless, stray, and abused animals we need to join together and the time is NOW, people have looked the other way for far too long and NOW the problem is out-of-control throught the United States.  Take the first step in your community.